Marius Wulfart – In the Garden – Circa 1980 - Winckelmann Gallery

Marius Wulfart – In the Garden – Circa 1980

Charming oil on canvas painting depicting a young woman in a violet summer dress sitting in a lush garden.

French painter of Jewish origin, Marius Wulfart was born on November 7, 1905 in Hôpital Cochin de Paris (District 14). He was the second son of Russian painter Max Wulfart (Frauenberg, 1876 - Paris, 1955) and Eugénie Kramer, who arrived in France in 1903 and obtained French nationality in 1927.

He trained artistically with his father. Years later, he described himself as a "sentimentalist" painter, influenced by the times and fashion, but especially by the works of his father, his only teacher. Most of his oeuvre could be described as expressionist, although he did create works in different genres.

In 1939, he married Jenivieve-Denise Sagot, shortly before being mobilized at the beginning of World War II. He was assigned with the rank of Captain in the 486 Regiment de Pionniers Coloniaux, and made a prisoner in June 1940. Included with his parents and brother in the Jewish census ordered by the German authorities of occupied France in September 1940, he managed to flee to unoccupied France, settling in the south and where he continued with his artistic work in the following decades, signing his works as “Woulfart”.

In the words of the journalist and writer Marcel Sauvage, author of the biography of Joséphine Baker:

"Woulfart, whose palette is of an astonishing richness, manifests an increasingly rare control. His portraits are first-rate and God knows we have few authentic portraitists today; his flowers are like smartly bloomed fireworks. He is one of those who nourish, with strength and brilliance, with exemplary perseverance, the pictorial material for the joy and recognition of all true art lovers."

He died at age 86 in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes (France) on January 7, 1991.

His works appear in numerous public institutions and collections (many purchases of the State and the City of Paris): Montreal Museum (Canada), Palm Beach Museum - Florida), museums of Tarbes, Dax, Agen, Auch, Périgueux, Angoulême, as well as in prestigious private collections both in France and abroad: Charpentier, Drouant, Florence Gould, Princess of Monaco...


- 1970: First prize and gold medal XI Grasse salon.
- 1971: First prize drawing salon Grasse.
- 1972: First prize International Fair.
- 1973: Medal of the city of Mantes-La-Joie.
- 1978: Gold Medal of the city of Grandville.
- Knight of Arts and Letters.
- Knight of Arts Sciences and Letters.


- Autumn Salon of Paris.
- Biennial of Menton.
- Wellington Gallery, Montreal (Canada).
- Juárez Gallery, Palm Beach (Florida).
- Gallery of the Vieux Colombier (Paris).
- Georges V Gallery (Paris).
- Champs Elysées Gallery (Paris).
- Greco Gallery (Bordeaux).
- Page Gallery (Bayonne).
- Gallery Carnation (Toulouse).
- Négresco Gallery (Nice).
- Palace of the Mediterranean (Nice).
- Bonnefon Gallery (Perpignan).
- Auch Museum (Gers).
- Museum of the Château de Nérac.
- Museum of Bastion St-André (Antibes).
- Many galleries in Cannes.
- International Center of Grasse.

Artist: Marius Woulfart (1928-1991).
Signed in bottom right corner.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 55 x 46 cm. / 21 1/2 x 18 in.
Origin: France.


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