Established by José von Winckelmann in 2007, Winckelmann Gallery trades principally in French paintings from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. The gallery specializes in quality works by well-known artists who are regularly featured in fine art museums and important private collections around the world, and also stocks a broad range of paintings, drawings and engravings by lesser-known French and other European artists who have left their mark on European history and culture. Clients of the gallery can expect to find carefully selected, unique and attractive works, supported by diligent art-historical research to give them added context and new meaning.

José von Winckelmann worked in banking and insurance in Spain for over 20 years, but his passion for collecting fine art led him to open his own gallery in 2007. José’s partner Marc Michaud, with a background in archaeology and art history, has been involved with the gallery since 2011. Now based in Ottawa, Canada, Winckelmann Gallery operates as a trusted online gallery, and has earned a solid reputation for quality, reasonable prices and highly professional, personalized service.

Winckelmann Gallery is a proud member of the Canadian Antique Dealers Association (CADA) and the Federation of Art and Antique Dealer Associations (CINOA).