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Stéphane Cara – Farm Landscape

Attractive oil on panel painting representing a landscape of the French countryside, a small farm and its barn.

Stéphane Gilbert Fernand Caracotchian, known as Stéphane Cara, is a French post-Impressionist painter. Of Armenian origin, he was born in Châtenois (Alsace) on July 3, 1901. The son of a prestigious doctor, his family moved to Paris in 1919. He worked for many years as a wine merchant and as an agent for the “Société Anonyme fluviale Trans-Cam” in Bordeaux, before dedicating himself fully to painting. He exhibited several landscapes at the Salon des Indépendants Bordelais in 1947.

He was the author of a book entitled (in French) “Painting in a Nutshell: or How to Judge a Painting” published in 1959. His sister Anita was the first woman oceanographer in the world.

Stéphane Cara died in Nice (Provence) on May 16, 1962, at the age of 60.

Source: Archives de France.

Artist: Stéphane Cara (1901-1962).
Signed and dated in lower left corner.
Medium: Oil on wood panel.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 33 x 41 cm. / 13 x 16 ¼ in.
Frame: 45 x 53 cm. / 17 ¾ x 21 in. Carved wood, good general condition.
Origin: France.
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