Perspective View of Amsterdam - 1760 - Winckelmann Gallery

Perspective View of Amsterdam - 1760

Rare etching representing a perspective view whose full title is as follows: “Aedes Orphanorum, et Pons Auvii Amstel Amstellodami. 31e VUE D’OPTIQUE Représentant La Maison des Orphelins et le Pont de l’Amstel a Amsterdam“. This type of etching, popular at the time, was developed to give the impression of depth when viewed through a zograscope, an optical device consisting of a magnifying lens and sometimes an angled mirror. The texts were at times inverted and the scenes and perspectives were attractive and exotic: cities near and far, palaces, gardens, architecture and monuments. Similar to postcards today, these scenes allowed viewers to be armchair travellers. Often some elements of the image are painted with bright colours, particularly the people. Below the image, an inscription identifying the publisher: “A Paris chez Daumont rue St. Martin”. Below the title there is a hand-written translation of the title in Spanish.


Artist / Publisher: Jean-François Daumont (Inscription below image).
Medium: Copper etching on laid paper. Original hand-painted watercolour.
Condition: Good overall condition.
Dimensions: 28 x 39 cm. / 11 x 15 in.
Frame: Sold without frame.
Origin: France.


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