Jules Renard - Deux hommes libres - 1867 - Winckelmann Gallery

Jules Renard - Deux hommes libres - 1867

Coloured lithograph by Jules Renard (Draner) for the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris. It is the seventh illustration from a collection of fourteen, published by printers Dasacq & Cie, Éditeurs d’Estampes (14, rue Poissonnière, Paris). An advertising poster by Dasacq mentions this collection and states the following:”As well as this collection, where Mr. Draner deployed all his comic verve, which reflects what people saw in Paris during the Universal Exhibition: (…)”. This illustration represents a dandy leaning against a bar counter drinking a sherry cobbler with a straw. Behind the counter, a barman preparing a drink. Below the illustration, the illustrator adds in French:”7. – Two free men….one to make, the other to drink a sherry cobbler”.

Draner (from his real name Jules Jean Georges Renard), born 11 November 1833 in Liège (Belgium) and died in 1926 in Paris, was a Belgian illustrator and cartoonist. Born to a well-to-do family (his father owned a printing company), he showed a predisposition toward illustration at a young age. He finds a job at the Vieille Montagne Zinc Mine and Foundry Company while also supplying illustrations and cartoons to local newspapers. He used the semi-palindrome Draner (Renard spelled backwards) as his artistic name. In 1861, he moved to Paris where he collaborated with numerous illustrated Parisian newspapers: Le Charivari, L’Éclipse, Paris-Comique, L’Illustration, Le Monde Illustré and Le Journal pour rire. He also created theatre costumes. The Draner Collection at the National Library consists of illustrations and 19th century Parisian comic theatre costumes. Specialised in military caricature, he illustrated numerous books, especially on the siege of Paris. He is best known for his series of 136 coloured lithographs of military caricatures “Types militaires: Galerie militaire de toutes les nations”. He bequeathed a collection of his illustrations to the University of Liège.

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Artist: Jules Jean Georges Renard (Draner).
Initialled “JR” on lower right.
Medium: Coloured lithograph.
Condition: Excellent condition
Dimensions: 27 x 19 cm. / 10 1/2 x 7 1/2 in.
Frame: Sold without frame. Original mat included.
Provenance: Spain.


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