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Franz Zalder - Portrait of a Lady - 1857

Franz Xaver Zalder (Königinhof / Bohemia 1815 -?) Lived and was active in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. He mainly painted portraits, miniatures and religious scenes. His works have been sold at prestigious auction houses such as Dorotheum (Vienna) and Bonhams (London).

The woman represented in this portrait is seated and slightly turned towards her left, but her face is turned towards her right looking in the distance with a serene and almost melancholic expression. She is wearing a short-sleeved dress and a tulle veil covering the back of her head, her shoulders, arms and dress. A pearl finery fastens both her braided hair and the veil. She also wears a pair of gold and ruby ​​earrings. The most remarkable element in this portrait is the long pearl necklace in a knot and falling to her waist. A miniature rose with its small stem and leaves is pinned to her neckline. The artist wanted to represent the subject within an oval field of vision, using the veil to create this.


Artist: Franz Xaver Zalder (1805-?).
Signed and dated on reverse.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 68 x 56 cm. / 27 x 22 in.
Frame: 83 x 71 cm. / 33 x 28 in. Contemporary wood frame. Good condition.
Origin: Austria.

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