Godtfred Rump

River Landscape

$1,850.00 CAD

This oil painting portrays a serene river landscape, complete with a peaceful path winding through the trees. Signed and dated 1870 in the lower right corner, it is in very good condition with only slight craquelure visible on the upper right side. The piece comes with a gilt wooden frame, featuring a cartouche displaying the artist's name. The frame shows some signs of wear, including various scuffs and abrasions, The frame shows some signs of wear, including various scuffs and abrasions, but itself remains in very good condition.

Christian Godtfred Rump was one of the most productive Danish painters of his times. He first painted mainly genre and history works but later concentrated on landscapes.

Born in Hillerød on 8 December 1816, Rump moved to Copenhagen when he was 16 and studied painting at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He also worked in J.L. Lund's studio where many young painters gained experience in national romanticism.

In 1836, he exhibited a portrait at Charlottenborg but then concentrated for a time on history painting. However, moving with the trends of the times, he soon turned to genre painting with rural motifs. A few years later, possibly influenced by J.Th. Lundbye and P.C. Skovgaard, he found his true vocation, landscape painting. After spending some time in Italy in 1857–58, he became more adept at depicting the effects of light shining through foliage or through the mist, gaining wide recognition for his paintings of forests.

Rump was a member of the Academy from 1866, becoming a professor in 1874.His work is now considered to have been overshadowed by Lundbye and Skovgaard at a time when together with Janus la Cour and Godfred Christensen, his traditional approach was increasingly threatened by modern French trends such as Impressionism.

Godtfred Rump died in his hometown on 25 May 1880 at the age of 63.

Source: Wikipedia.

Artist: Godtfred Rump (1816-1880).
Signed in the lower right corner.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 36 x 56 cm. / 14 1/4 x 22 in.
Frame: 49 x 69 cm / 19 1/4 x 27 in. Very good condition.
Provenance: Sweden.