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Johan Georg Wille - The Winder

Original 18th century engraving with the text (in French): THE WINDER. MOTHER OF G. DOUW. Engraved after the original painting of the same size, taken from the Cabinet of Monsieur le Comte de Vence, Camp Marshal of the King's Armies. Engraved by Jean Georges Wille, Engraver of the King, 1755. The image represents an elderly woman unreeling threads from her spindle, seated half-length, wearing a cap and glasses, seen through an arched window. She is presumably the mother of Dutch Golden Age painter Gerrit Douw (1613-1675). Douw specialized in genre scenes and was a student of Rembrandt.

Artist: Johan Georges Wille (1715-1808).
Engraved in 1755.
Medium: Line engraving on paper.
Condition: Very good.
Dimensions: 40 x 28 cm. / 15 ¾ x 11 in (visible).
Frame: 47 x 35 cm. / 18.5 x 13 ¾ in. Good condition. Glass.
Origin: France.
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