German School - Portrait of a Young Woman - Circa 1830 - Winckelmann Gallery

German School - Portrait of a Young Woman - Circa 1830

This remarkable portrait from the Biedermeier period represents a young elegant woman. She is posed standing, her back to a window, with her right arm leaning on a round marble-topped classical style table. Her eyes and her appearance transmit an attitude of pride and consciousness of her social status. Her romantic low-cut dress is poppy red, pleated, with narrow waist with ballooned short sleeves. Her carefully styled dark hair is pulled back under a midnight blue velour turban. She wears gold earrings and costume bracelets on either wrist. Without a doubt the most singular feature of this portrait is the long, black swan feather boa hanging from her neck and shoulders. In the background in the distance we can see a large house, surely another symbol of the social position of our sitter.


Artist: Unknown (Unsigned).
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition. Relined.
Dimensions: 86 x 74 cm. / 33 x 29 in.
Frame: 100 x 89 cm. / 38 x 34 in. Gilt wood. Very good condition.
Origin: Germany.


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