French School - Boats at Sea - 1894 - Winckelmann Gallery

French School - Boats at Sea - 1894

Beautiful, bright oil on canvas painting depicting a marine scene. We can see in the foreground two sailing boats with their crews in rough seas. The beacon indicates that they are near the coast or a harbour. In the background on the horizon there is a steamboat and a tall ship. The painting dates from 1894 and is signed in the dark part of the wave in the bottom right corner but the artist’s signature is unclear.

Artist: Unknown.
Illegible signature and date 94 lower right.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition. Signs of past inpainting; recent cleaning.
Dimensions: 40 x 64.5 cm. / 16 x 25 1/2 in.
Frame: 60 x 84 cm. / 23 1/2 x 33 1/2 in. Classic style wood, green inner moulding.
Origin: France.


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