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Erhard Astler – Olive Grove in Majorca

Erhard Theodor Astler (born July 25, 1914 in Böhmisch-Leipa, Czech Republic, died October 18, 1998 in Isny im Allgäu, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) was a German painter, graphic artist and draughtsman.

He studied glass painting at the State Glass School in Nový Bor and graphic arts with Heinrich Hönich at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. After his first exhibitions, he was called up for military service in World War II and was seriously injured in a plane crash in 1942.

In 1943 he returned to Prague, where in 1944 he was a lecturer at the School of Applied Arts and, as a contract professor, head of the special school for painting. In 1947 he moved from the re-established Czechoslovak Republic to Kitzingen in Germany, where he worked as a freelance artist and also gave courses at the adult education centre in Würzburg. During this period, he became a member of the Esslingen Artists' Guild. In 1950 he received a teaching position at the State Glass School (Erwin-Stein-Glasfachschule) in Hadamar. He also received commissions in Central America (1974) and in the USA (1978). He lived in Limburg on the Lahn until 1980. Then he moved to Isny im Allgäu.

Works of his can be found in the National Gallery in Prague, in the collection of the McLellan Galleries in Glasgow, in the Regensburg Art Forum Gallery of East Germany and in the Hessian Ministry of Culture. He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and throughout Europe, garnering prizes from the mid- 30s to the early 70s. Astler's works are still shown today in commemorative exhibitions. A trilingual monograph and art portfolio by Astler has been published by Bensemann-Verlag.

Source: Wikipedia.

Artist: Erhard Astler (1914-1998).
Signed and dated 1970 back.
Medium: Oil and tempera on cardboard.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 54 x 37 cm. / 21 ¼ x 14 ½ in.
Frame: Unframed.
Provenance: Germany.
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