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Theodore Feucht (1867-1944)

Theodore Feucht (1867-1944)

Autumn Landscape

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Autumn Landscape - Circa 1900

Theodore Eugen Christoph Feucht was a German painter of portraits, landscapes and illustrator. Born November 8, 1867 in Ludwigsburg (Baden-Wurtemberg), he studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts (ABK) in Stuttgart under Friedrich von Keller. He then completed his studies at the ABK Munich and in Vienna. Between 1894 and 1914 he lived and worked in Paris where he painted portraits (including two US presidents and industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie) and landscapes, whose inspiration was drawn mostly from the surrounding area of Paris and the banks of the Seine River. He described himself as a French plein-air painter, not an impressionist, although his works are usually characterized as such. At the beginning of the First World War in 1914 he was imprisoned while preparing a solo exhibition in Grenoble and interned until 1918. Then he returned to Munich where, during the Second World War, all his drawings were burned in a bomb attack on Munich in 1944.

Theodore Feucht died on February 27, 1944 in Munich. Some of his paintings are in museums in Paris (Carnavalet), Philadelphia and Munich (Bavarian State Painting Collections). In 1985 the estate kept by the widow contained around 360 landscape pictures and a self-portrait. Most of his other works are in private collections. His works continue to be traded in the art market and at auctions.

Sources: Benezit, Dictionary of Artists,1999; Wikipedia Germany.

Artist: Theodore Feucht (1867-1944).
Signed in the lower right.
Medium: Oil on wood.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 46 x 36 cm. / 18 x 14 in.
Frame: 61 ½ x 53 ½ cm. / 24 ¼ x 21 in. Restoration recommented.
Origin: France.

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