Pierre Audouin

A Girl With An Arrow

Rp 14.807.000,00 IDR

Magnificent allegorical scene representing a young woman with an arrow, possibly Venus. This burin engraving, after a work by the French painter and engraver Pierre Bouillon (1776-1831), is originally titled in French "Il n'est plus tems". It is dedicated to His Excellency the Count of Cobenzl, referencing Johann Philipp, Graf von Cobenzl (May 28, 1741 - August 30, 1810), statesman of the Habsburg monarchy and the Austrian Empire. Between 1801 and 1805 he was the Austrian ambassador in Paris. The coat of arms belongs to the Cobenzl family. This work was registered at France’s National Library on 16 Ventose Year 12 (Republican calendar), i.e. March 7, 1804.

Pierre Audouin, (Paris, 1768 – Paris, July 22, 1822), was a French draughtsman and burin engraver. He studied under Beauvarlet, and engraved some of the Italian and Dutch masters' most captivating works for Laurent's Musée Français. He was influenced by the School of David. During the Empire period, he was awarded the title of engraver to Madame Mère, Letizia Bonaparte. He participated in the Livre du Sacre de l'Empereur (Book of the Coronation of the Emperor), 1804, creating three engravings after Jean-Baptiste Isabey. Subsequently, after the Restoration, he engraved the portraits of the princes of the royal family and of the main personalities of the time, including Wellington and Marmont, which earned him the title of engraver in ordinary to the King. He engraved paintings by Correggio, Raphaël, Eustache Lesueur, among others, works which made him a very fashionable artist in his day.

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Artist: Pierre Audouin (1768–1822).
Medium: Engraving on paper
Condition: Excellent condition.
Dimensions (plate): 48 x 34 cm. / 19 x 13 ½ in.
Frame: 67 x 54 cm. / 26 ¼ x 21 ¼ in. Gilt wood.
Origin: France.