Paul Ehrenberg - The Ox Cart Scene

This oil painting of Paul Ehrenberg captures a rural scene featuring an ox cart. It is signed and dated 1903 in the lower right corner.

Emil Friedrich Paul Ehrenberg was a German violinist and impressionist painter, born August 8, 1876 in Dresden and died October 14, 1949 in Hof, near Plauen. 

Ehrenberg was an excellent violinist, who often played chamber music with Thomas Mann. Based on the evidence of Thomas Mann's letters and diaries, Mann was infatuated with Ehrenberg, and they had an intense personal relationship from 1899 to about 1903. Mann reflected his relationship with Ehrenberg in many of his books, most notably in Doctor Faustus, which he wrote in the 1940s, but whose preliminary notes date from 1901; in it the character of Rudi Schwerdtfeger is Ehrenberg's alter ego.

Artist: Paul Ehrenberg (1876-1949).
Signed and dated in 1903.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 34 x 49 cm. / 13 1/2 x 19 1/4 in.
Frame: 51 x 66 cm. / 20 x 26 in. Very good condition.
Origin: Germany.