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Oscar Mascré – French Riviera Landscape – 1937

Oscar-Louis-Edouard Mascré was a French landscape painter, born March 13, 1865 in Péronne (Picardy) but established in Paris. He was a pupil of Félix de Vuillefroy-Cassini (1841-1916), a French painter and one of the founding members of the Societé des Artistes Français, and of Paul Saïn (1853-1908), a renowned painter of landscapes and portraits.

He participated in the Salon des Artistes Français from 1885, obtaining an honorable mention in 1911 and a silver medal in 1925. He also exhibited regularly at the Salon d'Hiver and the Salon des Peintres de Montagne. His last known participation dates back to 1937 at the Salon de Bordeaux. Mascré specializes in mountain landscapes, particularly in the Pyrenees, the Alps, Auvergne and Jura, as well as in the landscapes of Brittany, Corrètze and Landes. In 1926, during a trip to Corsica, he was fascinated by its coastal landscapes, painting the surroundings of Ajaccio, the Gulf of Porto and especially the surroundings of Piana.

Oscar Mascré died in 1943 during the German occupation of France.

Oil on canvas representing a landscape of the French Riviera, entitled by the artist (in French): "Summer Morning in the Lerins Islands (Ile Sainte-Marguerite and Cannes", according to an annotation in pencil on the stretcher. Beautiful composition, highlighting the pines by the sea, the city of Cannes in the distance and the mountainous landscape of Provence on the horizon. This painting was exhibited by the artist at the Salon des Artistes de Bordeaux in 1937.

Sources: Benezit, Dictionary of Artists; Èmile Langlade, Artistes de mon temps, vol. I, 1929; Archives de France.


Artist: Oscar Mascré (1865-1943)
Signed in lower left corner.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 38 x 55 cm. / 15 x 21 ½ in.
Origin: France.


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