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Louis Gimon – Landscape with Figures – Circa 1860

Charming 19th century Provençal landscape representing a country scene with several figures and their animals in the shadow of a medieval tower. In the background, the town of Salon-de-Provence is visible, with the silhouette of the Château de l'Empéri, the oldest castle in Provence.

Jean Louis Marie Gimon. French landscape painter, was born on August 12, 1808 in Salon-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône). Born into of a family of jurists, he studied law in Marseille and took painting lessons at the School of Fine Arts in the same city. Later, he became a notary, justice of the peace and historian of the town of Salon, where he wrote some works (Chroniques salonaises, Chroniques de la ville de Salon) and achieved some level of notoriety. He devoted himself entirely to painting upon his retirement in 1852, creating landscapes in and around his hometown, where he died on December 6, 1894 at the age of 86.


Artist: Louis Gimon (1808-1894).
Signed and dated in lower left corner.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 37 x 47 cm. / 14 ½ x 18 ½ in.
Frame: 57 x 69 cm. / 22 ½ x 27 in. Gilt wood and stucco, very good condition with some signs of wear.
Origin: France

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