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Gaspard Dughet (attributed) - Diana and Callisto – 17th Century

An Italianate landscape with the representation of the legend of Diana and Callisto. Attributed to Gaspard Dughet. This oil on canvas painting is unsigned; however, a partial hand-written text on the stretcher attributes it to Gaspar Dughet.

Gaspard Dughet, also called Gaspard Poussin, byname Le Guaspre, (born June 15, 1615, Rome, Papal States [Italy]—died May 25, 1675, Rome), landscape painter of the Baroque period known for his topographic views of the Roman Campagna. He worked chiefly in Rome and its vicinity throughout his life, but, because his father was French, it is usual to class him among the French school. 

Dughet was an influential landscape artist based in Rome, who was inspired by his brother-in-law, Nicholas Poussin, whose name he adopted, and Claude Lorraine. These three painters sketched together in the countryside around Rome. Dughet followed the older artists' example by using drawings made from nature as a basis for his idealized scenes painted in the studio, or as fresco decorations for Roman palaces. His work differed from theirs, however, since he rarely included historical, biblical or mythological episodes. Many of Dughet's paintings were bought in the eighteenth century by British Grand Tourists. 

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Artist: Gaspar Dughet (1615-1675).
Unsigned (apparently).
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Dimensions: 25 x 32 cm. / 9 ¾ x 12 ½ in.
Frame: 36.5 x 46.5 cm. / 12 ½ x 16 in. Gilt wood and stucco, good condition.
Origin: France.


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