Friedrich Hohbach - Portrait of a Lady - 1867 - Winckelmann Gallery

Friedrich Hohbach - Portrait of a Lady - 1867


Friedrich Hohbach born 23 January 1809 in Polsingen (Bavaria); died 6 July 1877, in Munich. Painter, lithographer, genre scenes. He was a student at the Academy in Munich, and later became a member of staff there.

The woman represented is seated in a red velour armchair. She is wearing an elegant black silk dress with black belt, delicate white lace trim collar and cuffs, and a lace bonnet with small natural roses on either side. She has a diamond broach and earrings, a gold watch chain, a gold ring on her right ring finger and four bracelets: three on her right wrist and one on her left wrist. A work of great quality and beautiful details.

Artist: Friedrich Hohbach (1809-1877).
Signed and dated with monogram: “FH, 1867”.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Good condition.
Dimensions: 92 x 72 cm. / 36 x 28 in.
Origin: Germany.
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