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Émile Godchaux – Stormy Coast – Circa 1890

Stunning oil on canvas painting depicting a beach landscape with figures, and anchored boat and an impending thunderstorm. Note the magical play of sunlight through the clouds.

Émile Godchaux was born around 1860 in Bordeaux. He is often confused with his father Alfred Godchaux (1839-1907), painter born in Paris and died in Reims who, in the same time frame painted similar themes and in a fairly similar style.

His favourite themes are ports, the cliffs of the Normandy coast, Atlantic beaches with fishermen and boats, mountainous landscapes in the Pyrenees and in Savoy, Venice. The skies he paints are tumultuous, his figures often clad in late 19th century fishermen’s or peasant costumes.

A certain mystery still hangs over this prolific painter for whom research is underway.

Sources: Dictionnaire des Petits Maîtres de La Peinture de 1820 à 1920 by Gérald Schurr and Pierre Cabanne; Benezit, Dictionary of Artists; Archives de France.

Artist: Émile Godchaux (1860-1938)
Signed in lower left corner.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition. Relined, with signs of past restoration.
Dimensions: 38 x 61 cm. / 15 x 24 in.
Frame: 56 x 79 cm. / 22 x 31 in. Gilt wood, French Restoration period. Very good condition.
Origin: France.
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