Don Clarke – A Rose for Annie, 1992

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Don Clarke (Birmingham, 1932 – Mijas, 2012) was a British illustrator and painter. He was an exceptionally gifted child, being accepted as a pupil at the age of 12 at the Moseley School of Art (1944-1947), and later continuing his art studies and graduating from the Birmingham College of Art. He then worked 10 years as an illustrator for Birmingham’s Central Studios before becoming a restorer of fine art Renaissance paintings in Rome in 1956. He moved to Spain in 1972, after which his real talent as a painter of international status began to emerge.

The influences of his exposure to paintings from the Renaissance period are clearly evident in his work, as is the precision of his brushwork from his time as an illustrator. His work evolved into a highly developed style of realism permeated with enigmatic, occasionally surreal themes. His use of techniques reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age painters, or fijnschilders (fine painters), earned him wide acclaim and several international galleries began to exhibit his work, particularly in the Netherlands.
His work has been exhibited at Artfair in London, KunstRai in Amsterdam, Art Basel, Pan Amsterdam, and Lineart in Ghent. Galerie Utrecht (Amsterdam) published a retrospective book about his career and oeuvre: Don Clarke, Memories of a British Painter.
Don Clark died in Mijas, Spain, after a long illness on January 16th, 2012. He was 79.
Sources: B & G Art; Birmingham Post; Morren Galleries.

Artist: Don Clarke (1932-2012).
Signed and dated lower right corner, 1992. Note on back: “A Rose for Annie”.
Medium: Mixed media on hardboard.
Condition: Excellent.
Dimensions: 50 x 40 cm. / 19 ¾ x 15 ¾ in.
Frame: 62 x 53 cm. / 24.5 x 21 in.
Provenance: Aix-en-Provence, France.


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